This is an interesting question that can have a different answer depending on how you see it. You should know about CLAT history to judge the difficulty. Then you need to understand that this is not a board exam where you just need to "pass" the test. You need to compete with thousands of students!!

History of CLAT Exam:

The Common Law Admission Test has undergone various changes since the first exam that was conducted in 2008. Only seven law schools joined CLAT initially growing to double the number with fourteen institutions taking part in CLAT 2014. It started on a bad note when CLAT 2009 leaked and had to be rescheduled. Later, in 2011, the question paper was too easy and had some answers marked already! CLAT 2012 saw paper being set with pattern different from the suggested syllabus, incorrect merit lists and errors in answer keys. CLAT 2013 introduced negative marking for the first time.

As you see, CLAT has had a bumpy ride. The test in very young (just six years!) and keeps changing. That brings us to the question whether CLAT is easy or tough?

Let’s examine.

Is CLAT Easy?

If you go through the pattern of CLAT Exam, you will see that it is mostly general and does not involve any difficult subject. If you have basic understanding of English and have some interest in reading news and Current Affairs you are ready for two sections. The most challenging part, for most students, is Mathematics. However, it is of elementary standard and does not require special knowledge. If you did well in Math in class X, you have an edge. Only section that needs special preparation is Legal Aptitude. Most class XII students do not have idea about law. If you start in time and join coaching classes for help, you can get a hold of the basics in no time.

So we can say that CLAT is easy if you have basic knowledge of topics involved and you are prepared for some hard work to hone your skills further.

Is CLAT tough?

Now, this may sound contradictory. However CLAT is tough if you count in the competition. Though, it has basic syllabus, the number of seats are very low and about 30,000 candidates applied for CLAT UG courses in 2013. So you can do well in the test, but will you rank well? You rank depends on marks scored by other applicants as well.

This is where you need to understand that you have to do better than the best to secure a seat in Law College of your choice.

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What do you think? Is CLAT exam easy or tough?

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