English is an important section for CLAT Exam. You may face many type of questions based on different topics of English. We are giving here CLAT General English idioms & Phrases.You have to find correct meaning of the given phrase. These questions will help you to understand the topic very well.

1. To clear a fence

A) To jump high

B) To lose heart

C) To lose weight

D) To cross a hurdle

2. To clear the decks

A) To remove obstruction

B) To concentrate on studies

C) To pass the examination

D) To jump into the sea

3. To give the devil his due

A) To give credit to even a notorious person

B) To invite the devil

C) To stand in the way of the devil

D) To give encouragement even to the enemy

4. Under Duress

A) Of one’s own choice

B) According to merit

C) Under compulsion

D) In good faith

5. To edge out

A) To go out for lunch

B) To go out for walk

C) The outer edge of the table

D) To push out slowly

6. To egg on

A) To egg on slowly

B) To destroy slowly

C) To give a walk over

D) To instigate to proceed further

7. To eke out

A) To earn a living

B) To rush out

C) To finish oil

D) To go out of the way

8. Fabian policy

A) Dictatorial policy

B) Democratic policy

C) Systematic policy

D) Policy of caution persistence

9. To pin one’s faith

A) To be sure of somebody’s favour

B) To be unsure of favour

C) To bother for friends

D) To bother for one’s relatives

10. To play fast and loose

A) To be undependable

B) To cheat people

C) To hurt somebody’s feeling

D) To trust others

 General English Idioms and Phrases 1

Articles, Active Passive, Modals, One word Substitution and Narration


1. D                  2. A                  3. A                  4. C                  5. D

6. D                  7. A                  8. D                  9. A                  10. A