English is an important section for CLAT Exam. You may face many type of questions based on different topics of English. We are giving here CLAT General English idioms & Phrases.You have to find correct meaning of the given phrase. These questions will help you to understand the topic very well.

Directions: In this section, you are given four alternative meanings to each idiom. Choose the appropriate one from the given options.

1. To cut the Gordian knot

A) To perform the opening ceremony

B) To be present at the opening ceremony

C) To solve a difficult problem

D) To get a sharp cut

E) None of these

2. To knuckle under

A) To refuse to submit

B) To submit

C) To beat

D) To run away

E) None of these

3. To take the law into one’s hand

A) To have respect for law

B) To be afraid of law

C) To think that law is unnecessary

D) To have a disregard for law and order and do as one likes

E) None of these

4. To go leeward

A) To make up for the time lost

B) To move in the direction the wind blows

C) To go crazy

D) To fail miserably

E) None of these

5. To bite one’s lips

A) To feel sorry

B) To be angry

C) To laugh at other

D) To have doubt

E) None of these

6. A man of letters

A) A postman

B) A scholar and writer

C) An ignorant man

D) A hypocrite

E) None of these

7. To measure swords

A) To try one’s skill against another

B) To collect weapons

C) To feel angry

D) To measure the length of the sword

E) None of these

8. To mince words

A) To talk in an indirect way

B) To feel at ease

C) To succeed in business

D) To make matters easy

E) None of these

9. To be in two minds

A) To warm

B) To be firm

C) To be uncertain

D) To have no common sense

E) None of these

10. To mind one’s P’s and Q’s

A) To have an illegible handwriting

B) To be accurate and precise

C) To be over cautions

D) To over dress

E) None of these

CLAT General English idioms & Phrases 2

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