We are giving here some more questions of CLAT General Knowledge based on Indian Geography. These questions may be asked in your exam so try to learn them. Answers are given at the end. Read more.

Q1. Which one of the following is the biggest producer of Rice:

a. West Bengal

b. Punjab

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Rajasthan

Q2. What type of climate is required for sugarcane?

a. Dry and hot

b. Hot and wet

c. Cold and Dry

d. Cold and Wet

Q3. Which river forms the boundary line between Uttar Pradesh and Haryana?

a. Sutlej

b. Yamuna

c. Ganga

d. Parvati

Q4. The coldest place of the world is in?

a. Verkhoyansk

b. Nr. Vostok

c. Ust' Shchugor

d. Snag

Q5. The Kiel canal links ____

a. Mediterranean and Black Sea

b. Pacific and Atlantic oceans

c. Mediterranean and Red Sea

d. North Sea and Baltic Sea

Q6. Where does the river Uruguay fall?

a. In Pacific ocean

b. Titicaca Lake

c. In Carribean Sea

d. In Atlantic Ocean

Q7. The longest railway line of the world is?

a. Canadian Pacific Railway

b. Cape- Cairo Railway

c. Trans- Siberian Railway

d. Paris - Constantinople Railway

Q8. In which part of Africa, Sahara desert is situated?

a. Northern part

b. Southern part

c. Western part

d. Eastern part

Q9. The largest lake in India is?

a. Wular

b. Sambhar

c. Chika

d. Dal

Q10. The biggest island in the world is?

a. New Guinea

b. Borneo

c. Greenland

d. Sumatra

CLAT General Knowledge Geography 5


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