Here are some questions of  CLAT General Knowledge based on the section Indian Polity. Our topic is Constitution of India. You may be asked some questions based on it. Try to learn them. Answers are given at the end.

1. The Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year?

a. Twice

b. Once

c. Thrice

d. Four times

2. What is the minimum number percentage of seats a party should get to be recognized as the opposition party in the legislature?

a. 20%

b. 15%

c. 10%

d. No such limit

3. The members of the Rajya Sabha are

a. Elected indirectly

b. Mostly nominated

c. Elected directly as well as indirectly

d. Elected by the members of the legislative assemblies and legislative councils of states

4. The time gap between two sessions of the parliament should not exceed

a. 3 months

b. 6 months

c. 9 months

d. 1 year

5. What is the minimum age for being the member of the Parliament?

a. 21 years

b. 25 years

c. 30 years

d. 35 years

6. The quorum required to hold meetings of the legislative chambers is what fraction of the total membership of the House?

a. 1/3

b. 1/4

c. 1/6

d. 1/10

7. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is

a. Elected by the members of Rajya Sabha

b. Nominated by the President

c. Elected by members of both Houses of Parliament

d. Elected by the Parliament and State Legislatures jointly

8. The Annual Financial Statement is caused to be laid before both Houses of the Parliament by the

a. President

b. Speaker

c. Vice- President

d. Finance Minister

9. According to the Constitution of Indian the maximum number representing the Union Territories in the Lok Sabha cannot exceed

a. 10

b. 15

c. 20

d. 25

10. The Constitution of India does not mention the post of

a. The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

b. The Deputy Prime Minister

c. The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

d. The Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assemblies

CLAT Indian Polity 4


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