Here are some questions of CLAT General Knowledge based on the section Indian Polity. Our topic is Constitution of India. You may be asked some questions based on it. Try to learn them. Answers are given at the end. Read more.

Q1. Under the British Rule, who was the First Deputy President of Central Legislative Assembly?

a. Shri Sachchidananda Sinha

b. Shri Abdul Matia Chaudhary

c. Sir Muhammad Yakub

d. Shri R.R. Shamnukhaym Chetty

Q2. Which Indian President was the Speaker of the Fourth Lok Sabha?

a. S.D. Sharma

b. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

c. N. Sanjiva Reddy

d. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan

Q3. Which House shall not be a subject for dissolution?

a. Lok Sabha

b. House of people

c. Council of State

d. State Legislature

Q4. Whom the Rajya Sabha has the power for removal?

a. Speaker

b. Deputy Speaker

c. Council of President

d. Deputy Chairman

Q5. Lok Sabha has the supermacy in which matter?

a. Railway Budget

b. Defence Budget

c. Foreign Affairs

d. Financial Bill

Q6. Who has the power to accept adjournment in the House?

a. Prime Minister

b. Home Minister

c. Speaker in the Lok Sabha and Chairman in the Rajya Sabha

d. All of the above

Q7. Who was the last British Governor General who Addressed the constituent Assembly?

a. Lord Attlee

b. Lord Mount Batten

c. Lord Bentick

d. None of the above

Q8. What was the name of India's First Legislature?

a. Parliament

b. Union Parliament

c. Constituent Assembly

d. National assembly

Q9. In the provisional Parliament of India, how many members were there?

a. 296

b. 313

c. 318

d. 316

Q10. Who was the father of the Lok Sabha?

a. Hukam Singh

b. N. Sanjiva Reddy

c. G.S. Dhillon

d. G.V. Mavalankar

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