There will be five sections in your CLAT Exam. All the sections are equally important. GK is one of them and it will be of 50 marks. So you need to study hard to attempt all or maximum questions of this section. Here are CLAT GK Sample Questions based on Indian History. These questions will help you in your exam so try to learn them.

1. To which dynasty did Ashoka belong?

a. Vardhana

b. Maurya

c. Kushan

d. Gupta

2. The temple of Khajuraho were built by

a. Chandelas

b. Pallavas

c. Chalukayas

d. Qutubuddin

3. Who founded the Satyashodhak Samaj in 1873?

a. Shivanath Shastri

b. Gopal Krishan Gokhale

c. Jyotiba Phule

d. None of these

4. Who did not participate in the Revolt of 1857?

a. Tantiya Tope

b. Bhagat Singh

c. Nana sahib

d. Rani Lakshmibai

5. Where did Mahatma Gandhi first try the weapon of ‘Satyagraha’?

a. Champaran

b. Ahemdabad mill strike

c. Dandi

d. South Africa

6. Which of the following movements was launched along with khilafat movement?

a. Non-cooperation

b. Civil Disobedience Movement

c. Home Rule Movement

d. Swadeshi Movement

7. The first battle of Panipat took place in

a. 1526

b. 1528

c. 1626

d. 1528

8. Who wrote ‘Tughluqnama’?

a. Raskhan

b. Amir Khusrau

c. Isami

d. Malik Mohammad Jaisi

9. Nalanda University flourished during the reign of which of the following rulers?

a. Chandragupta Maurya

b. Ashoka

c. Kanishka

d. Harsha

10. Who were the first to issue gold coins?

a. Indo Greeks

b. Shakas

c. Parthians

d. Kushans

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