We are giving here CLAT Legal Aptitude for your CLAT exam. The topic is Legal Phrases. Meanings are given with the terms. Try to learn them. You may face questions based on these terms in your exam.

Some important Phrases:

1. Abatable nuisance: The nuisance so easily removable, that the aggrieved party may lawfully cure the problem.

2. Alford Plea: A guilty plea entered into by a defendant in connection with a plea bargain without actually admitting guilty.

3. Breach of Arrest: A military offence committed by an officer,who, being under arrest.

4. Balancing Test: A judicial doctrine, used in constitutional law, whereby a court measures competing interest.

5. Colour of Law: The appearance without the substance of a legal right.

6. Court of common pleas: A superior court having jurisdiction of all real actions and common pleas.

7. Cy Pres: The equitable doctrine under which a court reforms a written instrument.

8. Dismissal without prejudice: A dismissal after an adjudication on the merits.

9. Denial of justice: A defect in a court or administration of justice.

10. Examination-in-chief: The first questioning of a witness in a trial, or other proceedings, conducted by the party who called the witness to testify.

11. Ends of Justice: Objective of Justice.

12. Frustration of Contract: The cancellation of a contract, due to impossibility of performance or contradiction.

13. Gratuitous Deed: Instruments made without valuable consideration.

14. Hearsay rule: The rule that no assertion offered as testimony can be received unless it is or has been open to test by cross examination or an opportunity for cross - examination.

15. Inchoate right: A right that has not fully developed or vested.

CLAT Legal Terms