Legal Aptitude is an important section for CLAT exam. Here are some questions based on CLAT Legal Aptitude. Four options are given after each question. Choose one as your answer. We hope that these will help you in your exam. 

Q1. Criminal procedure is a subject of:

A) State list

B) Union list

C) Concurrent list

D) Both (a) and (b)

Q2. Which of the following involves ‘Laying of trap’?

A) Investigation

B) Inquiry

C) Preliminary inquiry

D) Trial

Q3. The maximum time period for the surety bond under which the surety can be sentenced to civil imprisonment in default of payment of penalty is:

A) Six months

B) Three months

C) Two months

D) One month

Q4. ‘Wrongful loss’ refers to:

A) Loss by unlawful means of property which the person losing it, is legally entitled

B) Loss by lawful means of property which the person losing it is not legally entitled

C) Loss by lawful means of property which the person losing is not legally entitled

D) None of these

Q5. The right to private defence is available in case of:

A) Harm to body

B) Harm ‘to movable property’

C) Harm to immovable property

D) All the above

Q6. In terms of offence, an abettor is a person:

A) Who commits the offence

B) Who instigates the commission of offence

C) Against whom the offence is committed

D) Who is innocent

Q7. The Right of Private Defence:

A) Is a right of retribution

B) Is a right of defence

C) Is a right of defence as well as a right of retribution

D) Is neither a right of defence nor a right of retribution

Q8. Robbery turns into decoity when it is committed conjointly by:

A) Two persons

B) More than two persons but less than five persons

C) Five persons or more

D) At least ten persons

Q9. Which among the following requires the involvement of five or more persons?

A) Theft

B) Extortion

C) Robbery

D) Dacoity

Q10. Which among the following can cause an assault?

A) Gestures

B) Preparations

C) Both gestures and preparations

D) Neither gesture nor preparation

Legal Aptitude for CLAT Quiz 1

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1. c         2. a         3. a         4. a         5. d

6. b         7. b         8. c         9. d         10. c