You will face some questions based on Legal Awareness in your general Knowledge or Legal Aptitude section in CLAT Exam. We are giving here CLAT Legal awareness questions for CLAT which will give you an idea about the pattern of exam.

1.       Minimum number of Judges which can give an advisory opinion to President is

a.       One- third of total strength of Supreme Court

b.      Five

c.       Half of total strength of Supreme Court

d.      Seven

2.       January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day and the same day is also observed as

a.       Law Day

b.      Custom Day

c.       Women Day

d.      Children Day

3.       The Union Minister Smriti Irani is the Minister of

a.       Human Resourse Minister

b.      Defence Minister

c.       Finance Minister

d.      Both a and b

4.       Who increases the salaries of Supreme Court and High Court Judges in India?

a.       Chief Justice of India

b.      Parliament of India

c.       Finance Commission of India

d.      President of India

5.       Who is responsible for the registration of the voters in India?

a.       Voters

b.      Political Parties

c.       Election Commission

d.      None of these

6.       Secularism in the Indian context means

a.       Religion is an individual’s private concern

b.      Citizens are not discriminated on account of their religion

c.       Religious institutions can propagate their faith

d.      All of the above

7.       Which of the followings is a factor for basic structure of Constitution of India ?

a.       Preamble

b.      Fundamental rights

c.       Fundamental duties

d.      Centre- state relation

8.       The Constitution of India has vested the executive power of the Union of India in……….

a.       Prime Minister

b.      Council of Minister

c.       President

d.      Deputy Prime Minister

9.       The Constitution of India is

a.       Flexible

b.      Rigid

c.       Partly rigid and partly flexible

d.      Constant in number of Articles and flexible in Parts

10.   A National Emergency in India remains in operation, with the approval of Parliament for

a.       Maximum of 1 year

b.      Indefinite period

c.       Maximum of 2 years

d.      Maximum 4 years

CLAT 2015 Legal Awareness 

Legal Aptitude


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