Logical reasoning is an important section of CLAT exam. It consists many type of problems. You  have to think about the logic behind these problems first and then mark your answers accordingly. We are giving here some problems of Clat logical reasoning from the topic Statement Assumptions.

Directions: Each Question given below consists of a statement, followed by two assumptions numbered I and II, You have to consider the statement and the assumptions and then decide which of the following is implicit.

Mark your answer:

a) If only I is Implicit

b) If only II is Implicit

c) If Either I or II is Implicit

d) If Neither I nor II is Implicit

e) If both I and II are Implicit

c) If Either I or II is strong

d) If Neither I nor II is strong

e) If both I and II is strong

Q1. Statement: " Computer education should start at schools itself."

Assumptions: I. Learning Computer is easy.

II. Computer education fetches jobs easily.

Ans. a

Q2. Statement: The patient's condition would improve improve after operation.

Assumptions: I. The patient can be operated upon in this condition.

II. The patient can not be operated upon in this condition.

Ans: a

Q3. Statement: The city bus transport corporation has decided to change routes of three buses plying between points A and B to make them economically viable.

Assumptions: I. These buses may get more passengers on the revised routes.

II. Many people residing on the old routes may not avail bus services.

Ans. a

Q4. Statement: Unemployment allowance should be given to all unemployed Indian youth above 18 years of age.

Assumptions: I. There are unemployed youth in India who need monetary support.

II. The government has sufficient funds to provide allowance to all unemployed youth.

Ans. a

Q5. Statement: 'Double your money in five months'.-- An advertisement.

Assumptions: I. The assurance is not genuine.

II. People want their money to grow.

Ans. b

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