CLAT committee announced the result of CLAT 2011 on May 28, 2011. However it was a mess, to say the least.

First, the website was non responsive for a long time. Even if you managed to load the result page, there were issues with the captcha (the security code) not loading. I am amazed that the site could not keep up with the rush of 24000 odd students who took the CLAT test.


Second, the result is anything but complete. The master rank and all other ranks are useless at this stage. What you really get to know is how many “groups” of people have scored better than you and not how many “people” scored more. So, you do not know your real rank. In other words many candidates share the same master rank. If you scored 100 and your master rank is 69, your actual rank could be in thousands. The result does not take into consideration how many people are “tied” at some marks.


Thanks to all this confusion, you need to wait for Tuesday to actually know the result. The tied marks will be broken, probably, on Monday. The final list with All India Ranks should be available by Tuesday.


Our Advice:

Relax, wait, and hope for the best. We wish you all a very good luck.

Please post your marks and rank once its available.