I found this article on Legally India that collects the experiences of some CLAT takers.

It may provide you some encouragement. Some Excerpts:

Nidhi Modani (Rank 1 CLAT-2009):

She says: "I worked late into the nights and my sister gave me great company all night. She had not much do so she used to paint. How I miss her awesome creations now." Adding that, "I started serious preparations in April and thanks to mum had no disturbances or interruption whatsoever. Without the support of my mum, dad and sister, I could not have made it."

Aruj Garg (Rank 19 CLAT 2008):

He proves that starting early does help.

In class eleven he joined a crash course by a popular coaching institution and sat the entrance exams for NLS Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad and NLUJ Jodhpur just "to get the feel" of the exams. He then did a year's coaching in class twelve.

Vaisakh Shaji (Rank 153 CLAT 2009):

He gave CLAT 2008 a go but didn't make it. "Ultimately what is the best is worth the wait," he claims.

He then tried for CLAT 2009 and got NUJS in this second attempt and another five marks would have put him in NLSIU.

Check out this article for more such experiences:

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