We are giving here some Geography Questions for CLAT Exam 2015. These questions may be asked in your exam so try to learn them. Answers are given at the end.

1.       Which of the landforms is not associated with glaciation?

a.       Hanging valley

b.      Moraines

c.       Inselberg

d.      Drumlin

2.       As we go higher into the atmosphere, the air becomes

a.       Thinner

b.      Denser

c.       Warmer

d.      Visible

3.       From which of the following longitude the Indian Standard time is determined?

a.       82° 30’ East

b.      80° West

c.       90° East

d.      81° 30’ East

4.       Which of the following oceans are connected by Panama Canal?

a.       Pacific and Atlantic

b.      Atlantic and Indian Ocean

c.       Indian Ocean and Pacific

d.      Atlantic and North Ocean

5.       For which crop production is ‘Saopalo’ famous?

a.       Cotton

b.      Maize

c.       Coffee

d.      Tea

6.       Which of the following state group is largest producer of mineral oil in India?

a.       Gujarat, U.P., Maharashtra

b.       Maharashtra, W.Bengal, Assam

c.       Assam, U.P., Bihar

d.      Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra

7.       The line joining places of equal atmospheric pressure is termed

a.       Contour

b.      Isohyet

c.       Isotherm

d.      Isobar

8.       The Savana type of climate is characterized by

a.       Humid summers and humid winters

b.      Humid summers and dry winters

c.       Humid winters and dry summers

d.      Humid throughout the year

9.       Which of the following phenomena causes the shape of the Earth?

a.       Internal structure

b.      Atmospheric pressure

c.       Rotation

d.      Revolution

10.    What would happen to ocean water if the moon comes nearer to the earth?

a.       Fall of temperature

b.      Stopping of Ocean  currents

c.       Rise of sea level

d.      Increase in height of Oceanic tides

CLAT Geography Set 8

History, Polity, General Science, Legal Aptitude, English, Maths,

Reasoning and General Knowledge

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