Legal Aptitude is an important section for CLAT exam. Here are some questions based on Legal Aptitude for CLAT. Four options are given after each question. Choose one as your answer. We hope that these will help you in your exam.

Q1. Which state having its own criminal code?

a. Punjab

b. State of Jammu and Kashmir

c. Union Territory of Puducherry

d. All  of the above

Q2. Which of the following involves 'Laying of Trap'?

a. Investigation

b. Inquiry

c. Preliminary Inquiry

d. Trial

Q3. What is the natural instinct on which the right to private defence is based?

a. Self preservation

b. Self respect

c. Self sufficiency

d. Self reliance

Q4. Which among the following requires the involvement of five or more persons?

a. Theft

b. Extortion

c. Robbery

d. Dacoity

Q5. Every promise and every set of promises that form the consideration for each other, is an ____

a. Agreement

b. Contract

c. Offer

d. Acceptance

Q6. When the 'Innuendo' is proved, it means that

a. the words which are not defamatory in ordinary sense may become defamatory

b. the words which are defamatory in ordinary sense may become non-defamatory

c. the words which are not defamatory in ordinary sense shall remain non defamatory

d. the words which are defamatory in ordinary sense shall remain defamatory

Q7. The maxim 'res-ipsa loquitur' refers to a ______

a. rule of law

b. rule of procedure

c. rule of evidence

d. rule of negligence

Q8. Supreme Court deals with the disputes between Indian states under _______

a. Appellate jurisdiction

b. Original jurisdiction

c. Advisory Jurisdiction

d. None of the above

Q9. _____ is not a valid deference in Tort?

a. Volenti non fit injuria

b. Vis major

c. Scienti non fif injuria

d. Consent

Q10. The 'last opportunity' principle relates to _____

a. hanging of the convicts

b. right of the accused to prove innocence before the court

c. Neither a nor b

d. vehicle accidents

 CLAT Legal Aptitude Quiz 2


1. b,  2. a,  3. a,  4. d,  5. a,  6. a,  7. c,  8. b,  9. c,  10. d

Legal Aptitude for Clat