You will face some questions based on Legal Awareness in your general Knowledge or Legal Aptitude section in CLAT Exam. We are giving here some Legal awareness questions for CLAT which will give you an idea about the pattern of exam.

Q1. Who among following is present Attorney General for India?

a. Fali S. Nariman

b. Goolam Essaji Vahanvati

c. Kapil Sibal

d. Mukul Rohatgi

Q2. Who among the following is the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

a. Mr. S.Y. Quraishi

b. Mr. T.N. Shehan

c. H.S. Brahma

d.  Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj

Q3. Who was the judge in special Designated Court for trial of Mumbai multi terror strike case who awarded death sentence to Abdul Azmal Kasab?

a. M.L. Tahilyani

b. Uijal Nikam

c. H.M. Gaikwad

d. Sivraj Khode

Q4. Once promoted the Chief Justice of India (H.L. Dattu), serves till he attains the age of ____

a. 62

b. 63

c. 64

d. 65

Q5. To betray a nation is an offence and punishable with death, that is ____

a. sedition

b. Treachery

c. Treason

d. Anti- nationality

Q6. The term "res subjudice" means ___

a. A case has been decided by a court

b. A case is pending before the court

c. A case has been dismissed by a court

d. None of the above

Q7. Who is the source of Legal authority of India?

a. People of india

b. Constitution of India

c. Parliament of India

d. President of India

Q8. The Prevention Detention Act has a restraining effect on ___

a. Right to Life

b. Right to Freedom

c. Right against exploitation

d. None of the above

Q9. Who was the first lady to became the judge of the Supreme Court?

a. Leila Seth

b. Fatima Beevi

c. Sujata Manohar

d. Ruma Pal

Q10. January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day and the same day is also observed as _____

a. Law Day

b. Customs Day

c. Women Day

d. Children Day

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