We are giving here some important Legal terms for CLAT exam. Meanings are given with the terms. Try to learn them. You may face questions based on these terms in your exam. Read more.

1. Extrajudicial: Outside Court, outside the functioning of court system.

2. Femicide: The killing of a woman.

3. Gratuitous: Without Valuable or Legal consideration.

4. Hosfile: A person in court as witness, who is biased against the examining party or who is unwillingly testify.

5. Idiocy: The condition of a person who, from birth, has never had any glimmering of  reasoning or intellectual faculties.

6. Implead: To bring someone into a law suit, to bring new party into the action.

7. Judex: A private person appointed by a practor or other Magistrate to hear and decide the case.

8. Lage: Territory in which certain law was in force.

9. Leet: A criminal court.

10. Magna carta: One of the great common law documents and is foundation of constitutional liberty.

11. Moity: One half.

12. Multital: Relating to legal relations that exist among three or more people.

13. Negate: To deny, To nullify, To render ineffective.

14. Oblivion: An official disregard of an offence.

15. Orator: An advocate or pleader.

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