We are giving here some important Legal terms for CLAT exam. Meanings are given with the terms. Try to learn them. You may face questions based on these terms in your exam.

1. Abacinate: To make a person blind.

2. Abaction: Threatening a person.

3. Abandon: To leave, to give up, to surrender.

4. Bail: Releasing an arrested person after taking bond or securities that he will regularly attend the court and face trial.

5. Banco: A Seat or bench of Justice.

6. Bequeath: To dispose of personal property by will.

7. Bias: Inclination, Prejudice.

8. Byrlaw: A law made by the members of local community.

9. Casualty: A serious or fatal accident.

10. Charter: An instrument by which a governmental entity grants rights, liberties to citizens.

11.  Citation: The quotation of decided cases in legal argument as authorities. To refer to previously decided cases in the trial in court to support an argument.

12. Deemed: To be treated as.

13. Damnify: To cause loss, to cause hurt or injury.

14. Decree: A judgement delivered by a court. It is a formal expression of an adjudication which conclusively determines the rights of parties.

15. Defend: To deny, contest or oppose.

Legal Terms Set 02

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