We are giving here some important Legal terms for CLAT exam. Meanings are given with the terms. Try to learn them. You may face questions based on these terms in your exam. Read more.

1. Appeal: Application to a higher court to examine again a case decided by a lower court.

2. Buggery: Act consisting of having intercourse per anus. It is prohibited by law, as an unnatural offence.

3. Caveat: A Warning or proviso.

4. Deceit: The act of intentionally giving a false impression.

5. Droit: A legal right or claim.

6. Executor: A representative appointed in a will to execute after the testator's death.

7. Fabricate: To invent, forge or desire falsely.

8. Forgery: An act of fraudulently making a false document or altering a real one to be used as if genuine.

9. Gale: A periodic payment of rent.

10. Gist: The ground or essence of a legal action.

11. Heinous: Crime, that is shockingly atrocious or ordious.

12. Illegal: Forbidden by law.

13. Illicit: Illegal or Improper.

14. Joinder: The uniting of parties or claims in a single law suit.

15. Kin: Blood Relatives.

Legal Terms Set 01

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