We are giving here Maths for CLAT 10, as it is an important section for your CLAT exam. These questions may help you in your Exam as you will have an idea about the questions pattern. Answers are given at the end.

Q1. Sum of five consecutive even numbers are 380. What is the second number in the ascending order?

a. 76

b. 78

c. 74

d. 72

e. None of these

Q2. 16 men can complete a piece of work in 7 days. In how many days will 28 men complete the same work?

a. 6 days

b. 8 days

c. 3 days

d. 4 days

e. None of these

Q3. Find the average of the following set of numbers.

132, 148, 164, 128, 120, 136

a. 142

b. 136

c. 138

d. 144

e. None of these

Q4. Population of two villages X and Y are in the ratio of 5 : 7 respectively. If population of village Y increases by 25000 and population of village X remains unchanged, the respective ratio of their population becomes 25 : 36. What is the population of village X ?

a. 625000

b. 675000

c. 875000

d. 900000

e. None of these

Q5. A 240 m long train crosses a 300 m long platform in 27 s. What is the speed of the train in Km/hr?

a. 66

b. 60

c. 76

d. 64

e. None of these

Q6.  Vandana sells an article for Rs 3240 and earns a profit of 20%. What is the cost price of the article?

a. Rs 2800

b. Rs 2820

c. Rs 2750

d. Rs 2700

e. None of these

Q7. Mr. Sharma invested an amount of Rs 25000 in fixed deposit @ compound interest 8% per annum for two years. What amount Mr. Sharma will get on maturity?

a. Rs 28540

b. Rs 29160

c. Rs 29240

d. Rs 28240

e. None of these

Q8. Four- seventh of a number is equal to 40% of another number. What is the ratio between the first number and the second number respectively?

a. 5 : 4

b. 4 : 5

c. 10 : 7

d. 7 : 10

e. None of these

Q9. Cost of 6 dozen apples and 8 dozens bananas is Rs 1400. What will be the cost of 15 dozen apples and 20 dozen bananas?

a. Rs 3200

b. Rs 3500

c. Rs 3600

d. Rs 4200

e. None of these

Q10. Beena and Meena started a boutique investing amounts of Rs 35000 and Rs 56000 respectively. If Beena’s share in the profit earned by them is Rs 45000, what is the total profit earned?

a. Rs 81000

b. Rs 127000

c. Rs 72000

d. Rs 117000

e. None of these

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