We are giving here Maths Questions for CLAT Exam, as it is an important section for your CLAT exam. These questions may help you in your Exam as you will have an idea about the questions pattern. Answers are given at the end.

Q1. Find out the two quantities whose difference is 30 and the ratio between them is 5/11.

(A)  25 : 25

(B) 26 : 27

(C) 30 : 32

(D)  29 : 30

(E) None of these

Q2. A factory employs skilled workers, unskilled workers and clerks in the ratio 8 : 5 : 1 and the wages of a skilled worker, an unskilled worker and a clerk are in the ratio 5 : 2  : 3 when20 unskilled workers are employed the total daily wage fall amount to Rs. 318. Find out the daily wages paid to each category of employees.

(A) 7.50: 3: 4.50

(B) 4.50:  4: 3.50

(C) 3.50: 5: 7.50

(D) 2.50: 7: 3.5

(E) None of these

Q3.  A sum of money amounts to Rs. 944 in 3 years at a simple interest. If the rate of interest be raised by 25% the sum amounts to 980 during the same period. Find the sum and the rate of interest.

(A) 7%

(B) 8%

(C) 6%

(D) 5%

(E) None of these

Q4. Mahajan lends out Rs 9 on the condition that the loan is payable in 10 months by 10 equal instalments of Re. 1. Find the rate percent per annum.

(A) 26 2/3

(B) 27  3/4

(C) 26  4/3

(D) 27  2/3

(E) None of these

Q5. A sum of Rs. 13040 is borrowed at 3.3/4% per annum. Compound interest is to be repaid in two equal yearly instalments. Find the amount of each instalment.


(A) 6889


(B) 6890


(C) 6990


(D) 7870


(E) None of these


Q6. Ramesh can do a work in 20 days. He worked alone for 10 days. Remaining work was completed with the help of Dinesh in 2 days. In how many days will the work be completed by both together?


(A) 10


(B) 4


(C) 3


(D) 9


(E) None of these


Q7. 16 boys take 12 days to complete a work while 12 men do the same work in 8 days 16 men began to work. After 3 days 6 men left but 4 days joined them. In how many days will be the remaining work be competed?


(A) 6


(B) 4


(C) 3


(D) 7


(E) None of these


Q8.  A Chair costs Rs 341 and a table costs Rs. 852. What will be the approximate cost of 5 dozens of chairs and 4 dozens of tables ?  

(A) 61356

(B) 60257

(C) 20675

(D) 75260

(E) None of these

Q9. If 4 men or 7 women do a work in 60 days; in how many days will 8 men and 7 women finish the same work?

(A) 6 days

(B) 20 days

(C) 11 days

(D) 10 days

(E) None of these

Q10. The ratio between the present ages of Naveen and Prabhat is 4 : 5, if after 5 years the ratio of the present age of Prabhat and the age of Prabhat at that time is 7 : 8, what will be the ratio between the present age of Naveen and Naveen's after 4 years?

(A) 4 : 5

(B) 5 : 4

(C) 7 : 8

(D) 8 : 7

(E) None of these

Maths Questions for CLAT 4

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