We are giving here Mock test for CLAT GK 2. Some questions based on general knowledge are given below. Four choices are given. You have to choose one as your answer. Answers are given at the end.

Q1. The biggest newsprint paper mill of India is to:

A) Titagarh

B) Ballarpur

C) Nepanagar

D) Saharanpur

Q2. The biggest number of sugar mills in India is in the state?

A) Bihar

B) Maharashtra

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Uttar Pradesh

Q3. The biggest number of jute mills in India is on the bank of river?

A) Hooghly

B) Mahandi

C) Brahmputra

D) Cauvery

Q4. Which one of the following is the centre for cycle industry?

A) Firozpur

B) Sonipat

C) Allahabad

D) Nagpur

Q5. Wet climate is suitable for cotton textile Industry because:

A) Cotton yarn cannot be spun successfully under dry condition

B) The efficiency of the workers increase

C) The rate of damage of machinery is decreased

D) The rate of consumption electric power is decreased

Q6. Dalda brand vegetables Product is manufactured in:

A) Mumbai

B) Kanpur

C) Modinagar

D) Ghaziabad

Q7. Which one of the following towns is famous for Glass bangles all over India?

A) Sirampur

B) Naini

C) Mumbai

D) Firozabad

Q8. Dum Dum Airport is in:

A) Mumbai

B) Kolkatta

C) Delhi

D) Chennai

Q9. The Golden Temple Express runs between:

A) Northern Railway

B) North-East Railway

C) Eastern Railway

D) Western Railway

Q10. Which one of the following is used for measuring the speed of wind?

A) Hygrometer

B) Barometer

C) Anemometer

D) Thermometer

 Mock Test for CLAT GK 1

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1. C                         2. D                        3. A                        4. B                         5. A

6. A                        7. D                        8. B                         9. C                         10. C