Rajasthan University Law Entrance Test (RULET)

Sample Question Paper

(for admission to B. A., LL.B. Five Year Integrated Course)

1.The urine becomes yellow due to bile pigments in the disease:

(A) Malaria

(B) Jaundice

(C) Tuberculosis

(D) Cancer

Answer: (B)

2.Blood cancer is otherwise called:

(A) Leucoderma

(B) Leukaemia

(C) Erythropenia

(D) Leucorrhoea

Answer: (B)

3.One who possesses many talents:

(A) versatile

(B) gifted

(C) exceptional

(D) nubile

Answer: (A)

4.Like poles of a magnet :

(A) attract

(B) repel

(c) neutralize

(D) are insulators

Answer: (B)

5.The shape of the earth is :

(A) spherical

(B) ellipsoid

(C) ovuloid

(D) rectangular

Answer: (B)

6.A person appointed by two parties to settle a dispute is known as :

(A) Solicitor

(B) Arbitrator

(C) Adjudicator

(D) Concilliator

Answer: (B)

7.The act of unlawfully entering into another's property :

(A) Breach of property

(B) Trespass

(C) Trover

(D) Sovereign act

Answer: (B)

8.An act in exess of authority conferred by law :

(A) intravires

(B) ultravires

(C) illegal

(D) extra legal

Answer: (B)

9.The river flows ..................the bridge :

(A) below

(B) under

(C) into

(D) to

Answer: (B)

10.A doctor has arelationship with his patient

(A) Fiduciary

(B) Financial

(C) Personal

(D) Impersonal

Answer: (A)

11.Contemporary :

(A) belonging to the same time

(B) of the same size

(C) of the same trade

(D) of the same parents

Answer: (A)

12.Person with good taste and judgement :

(A) connive

(B) connoisseur

(C) connote

(D) consecrate

Answer: (B)

13.The lady received quick promotions when they saw howshe was

(A) Lethargic

(B) Beautiful

(C) Correct

(D) Hard working

Answer: (D)

14.In which field is the term 'Bulls and Bears" used ?

(A) Stock market

(B) Bull fighting

(C) Hunting

(D) Foreign trade

Answer: (A)

15.National sport of India is :

(A) Kabbadi

(B) Hockey

(C) Cricket

(D) Football

Answer: (B)

16.Monsoon : Rain : winter

(A) Heat

(B) Flowers

(C) Plants

(D) Snow

Answer: (D)

17.The country which has no written Constitution is :

(A) India

(B) Pakistan

(C) United States of America

(D) Britain

Answer: (D)

18.Writer of "MY Experiments with Truth" is :

(A) J.L Nehru

(B) Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi

(C) Tagore

(D) Einstein

Answer: (B)

19.The Constitution of India came into force on :

(A) October 2, 1949

(B) November 26, 1950

(C) January 26, 1950

(D) August 15, 1947

Answer: (C)

20is reduction in value of an asset through wear and tear :

(A) Depression

(B) Depreciation

(C) Devaluation

(D) Dumping

Answer: (B)

21.........is a tax payable on a person's property at his death :

(A) Death duty

(B) Interlocutory Tax

(C) Estate Duty

(D) Post-mortem tax

Answer: (C)

22.WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly............., to constitute India into a sovereign, socialist,

secular, democratic republic.

(A) Resolved

(B) Promised

(C) Agreed

(D) Declared

Answer: (A)

23.England : Europe : India : ....................

(A) Africa

(B) Pakistan

(C) Australia

(D) Asia

Answer: (D)

24.Pain : Ache :: Lazy :.................

(A) Illness

(B) Lethargic

(C) Arid

(D) Damp

Answer: (B)

25.Which of the following is the lightest gas ?

(A) Nitrogen

(B) Hydrogen

(C) Ammonia

(D) Carbon dioxide

Answer: (B)

26.Baloons are filled with:

(A) helium

(B) oxygen

(C) nitrogen

(D) hydrogen

Answer: (A)

27.Ready source of energy available for athletes is :

(A) carbohydrates

(B) fats

(C) proteins

(D) vitamins

Answer: (A)

28.Mother's milk is preferred to cow's milk because it contains

(A) more fats and more lipids

(B) less fats and less lipids (C(more lipids and less fats

(D) more fats and less lipids

Answer: (B)

29.Laughing gas is :

(A) sulphur dioxide

(B) Nitrogen peroxide

(C) Nitrous oxide

(D) Hydrogen

Answer: (C)

30.You must instantly rush ................the aid of your friend when the need arises :

(A) to

(B) for

(C) with

(D) in

Answer: (B)

31.Some students areand want to take courses for which they see immediate value:

(A) stupid

(B) foolish

(C) pragmatic

(D) opinionated

Answer: (C)

32.Which of the following blood group is called 'Universal Donor'?

(A) A

(B) B

(C) AB

(D) O

Answer: (D)

33State has the highest literacy rate in India :

(A) Kerala

(B) West Bengal

(C) Tamil Nadu

(D) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (A)

34.The President of India can only be removed by :

(A) Supreme Court

(B) Parliament by impeachment

(C) People of India

(D) Prime Minister and Council of Ministers

Answer: (B)

35.The holy Srimad Bhagawat Gita was originally written in :

(A) Pali

(B) Prakrit

(C) Sanskrit

(D) Apabhransha

Answer: (C)

36.Deepest port in India :

(A) Cochin

(B) Vishakhapatnam

(C) Mumbai

(D) Chennai

Answer: (B)

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