General Science is a part of General Knowledge/ Awareness section of CLAT Exam. You will face some questions based on general science. We are giving here Sample paper for Clat based on General Science. These will be helpful in your exam. Answers are given at the end.

Q1. Bleaching powder is made from:

A) Sulphur dioxide and gypsum

B) Chlorine and Charcoal

C) Soda ash and lime

D) Lime and Chlorine

Q2. Which of the following is not a bleaching agent?

A) Sulphur di-oxide

B) Carbon di-oxide

C) Sodium hypochlorite

D) Chlorine

Q3. The gases used in different types of welding would include:

A) Oxygen & Hydrogen

B) Oxygen, acetylene & argon

C) Oxygen & acetylene

D) Oxygen, hydrogen & nitrogen

Q4. Which of the following gases is lighter than air?

A) Carbon dioxide

B) Oxygen

C) Ammonia

D) Chlorine

Q5. The presence of which of the following salts in water causes corrosion in steam boilers?

A) Sodium Chloride

B) Magnesium Chloride

C) Calcium bicarbonate

D) Potassium bicarbonate

Q6. Antibiotics are drugs used for the cure of:

A) Bacterial diseases

B) Cancer

C) Malaria

D) Nervous disorders

Q7. Blood pressure is dependent on:

A) Systolic force

B) Cardiac output

C) Peripheral resistance

D) All of these

Q8. Water gas is prepared by passing:

A) Steam over white-hot coke

B) Air over red-hot coke

C) Methane over red-hot coke

D) Steam over heated Sulphur

Q9. Combustion is a process by which:

A) Heat is produced

B) Light is produced

C) Heat and light both are produced

D) None of these

Q10. The element found in the surface of the Moon is:

A) Tin

B) Tungsten

C) Tantalum

D) Titanium

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Sample Paper for CLAT General Science 1


1. d         2. b         3. c         4. c         5. b

6. a         7. d         8. a         9. c         10. d