There will be five sections in your CLAT Exam. All the sections are equally important. GK is one of them and it will be of 50 marks. So you need to study hard to attempt all or maximum questions of this section. Here is Sample Paper for CLAT from the section 'GK' based on Indian History. These questions will help you in your exam so try to learn them.

Q1. Who of the following kings was an ardent follower of Jainism?

A) Bimbsara

B) Mahapadma Nanda

C) Kharavela

D) Pulakesin II

Q2. To which dynasty did Ashoka belong?

A) Vardhana

B) Maurya

C) Kushan

D) Gupta

Q3. The Sarvodaya Movement was started by

A) Mahatma Gandhi

B) Jayprakash Narayan

C) Vinoba Bhave

D) Datta Dharmodhikari

Q4. The temples of Khajuraho were built by

A) Chandelas

B) Pallavas

C) Chalukayas

D) Qutubuddin

Q5. Ashoka called the third Buddist council at

A) Kalibangan

B) Pataliputra

C) Magadha

D) Sarnath

Q6. The Delhi general who successfully advanced up to Madurai was?

A) Khizr khan

B) Muhammad Ghori

C) Malik Kafur

D) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

Q7. Which one of the following was favoured by Nehru but not favoured by Gandhiji?

A) Truth

B) Non-violence

C) Untouchability

D) Heavy industrialization

Q8. Who among the following was the founder of the 'Satya Shodhak Samaj'?

A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

B) Jyotiba Phule

C) Narayan Guru

D) Ramaswamy Naicker

Q9. Who was the Guru of Shivaji?

A) Namdev

B) Ramdas

C) Eknath

D) Tukaram

Q10. Chhattrapati Shivaji died in the year?

A) 1680 A.D

B) 1666 A.D

C) 1687 A.D

D) 1689 A.D

 Clat Sample Paper for Gk (Indian History 2)


1. c          2. b         3. c         4. a         5. b

6. c         7. d         8. b         9. b         10. a

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