Here is Sample Paper for CLAT. These questions are based upon the topic Indian Geography which is a part of the section General Knowledge in your CLAT Exam. These questions may be asked in your exam so try to learn them. Answers are given at the end.

Q1.Which of the following processes helps in the formation of rift valley?

A) Seismism

B) Folding

C)  Volcanism

D)  Faulting

Q2. Where is Dead Sea situated in the following continents?

A)  Europe

B)  Australia

C)  Asia

D)  Africa

Q3. Which of the following rocks is different from the remaining three on the basis of its mode of origin?

A)  Limestone

B)  Sandstone

C)  Shale

D)  Marble

Q4. As we go higher into the atmosphere, the air becomes

A)  Thinner

B)  Denser

C)  Warmer

D)  Visible

Q5. The line joining places of equal atmospheric pressure is termed

A)  Contour

B)  Isohyet

C)  Isotherm

D)  Isobar

Q6. The maximum risk to air travel is from

A)  Clouds

B)  Rainfall

C)  Fogs

D)  Strong winds

Q7. Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of rice in the world?

A)  China

B)  Japan

C)  Philippines

D)  Bangladesh

Q8. Which of the followings is fibre mineral?

A)  Zinc

B) Asbestos

C)  Coal

D)  Asphalt

Q9. The Climate of India is

A)  Mediterrian type

B)  Equatorial type

C)  Desert type

D)  Monsoon type

Q10.Which is the largest man-made lake in India?

A) Chilka

B) Dal

C) Sambhar

D) Bhakra

Sample Paper for General Knowledge, Reasoning, Maths

English, Legal Aptitude


1. b      2. c      3. d      4. a      5. d

6. c      7. a      8. b      9. d      10. d