Here is Sample Paper for CLAT GK. These questions are based upon the topic Indian Geography which is a part of the section General Knowledge in your CLAT Exam. These questions may be asked in your exam so try to learn them. Answers are given at the end

Q1. Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India because:

A) Its coastal waters are very saline

B) It has extensive dry coast

C) It has extensive shallow seas

D) Its inhabitants are expert in preparing salt

Q2. Amongst the cereals, this has the largest production in India:

A) Wheat

B) Maize

C) Rice

D) Barley

Q3. The largest desert in the world is:

A) Gobi

B) Kalahari

C) Patagonia

D) Sahara

Q4. Which country imports iron most?

A) Germany

B) France

C) Sweden

D) Japan

Q5. Which one is the biggest planet of the solar system?

A) Mercury

B) Earth

C) Pluto

D) Jupiter

Q6. ‘Meghalaya’ is the name given to the region corresponding to

A) Lushai Hill Region

B) Garo-Khasi Hill Region

C) Nefa Region

D) Nagaland

Q7. Which of the following lies on the left bank of the Ganga?

A) Kanpur

B) Patna

C) Allahabad

D) Varanasi

Q8. We generally measure the depth of the sea in

A) Feet

B) Fathoms

C) Metres

D) Nautical miles

Q9. The planet with the shortest year is

A) Earth

B) Mercury

C) Mars

D) Pluto

Q10. The moon revolve round the earth in

A) 30 days

B) 29 days

C) 28 1/2 days

D) 27 1/3 days

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1. a         2. c         3. d         4. d         5. d

6. b         7. d         8. b         9. b         10. d