We are giving here Sample Paper for English based on the topic Sentence Completion. You have to complete the given sentence by choosing an option from given options which converts the given sentence into a meaningful sentence. These questions will help you to understand the topic and you will be able to attempt these type of questions easily in your CLAT Exam.

Q1. We should always be careful in the choice of ………..

A)     Our friend

B)     Our friends

C)     Ours friend

D)     Ours friends

E)      None

Q2. I wonder whether I ……… ever see him again.

A)     Shall

B)     Will

C)     Should

D)     Would

E)      None

Q3. He visits us ……

A)     Over and again

B)     Off and on

C)     On and on

D)     Up and around

E)     None

Q4. Do not look ….. the poor.

A)     Down

B)     Up

C)     Upon

D)     Down upon

E)      None

Q5. ….. You apologize I shall punish you.

A)     Until

B)     Unless

C)     Till

D)     About

E)     None

Q6. Everybody these days complains ………… corruption in public life.

A)     Against

B)     About

C)     Of,about

D)     Off

E)      For

Q7. It certainly is attractive, but is it ……….?

A)     Genuine

B)     Valuable

C)     Bonafide

D)     Rare

E)      None

Q8. My life these days ……. of studying and attending classes.

A)     Full

B)     Comprises

C)     Possesses

D)     Tired

E)      Consists

Q9.  Questions will be answered by a …. of experts.

A)     Staff

B)     Panel

C)     Bunch

D)     Band

E)     None

Q10.  Smoking is injurious to health.Why don’t you give it ……?

A)     Away

B)     in

C)     up

D)     off

E)      out


1. b      2. d      3. b      4. d      5. b

6. c      7. a      8. e      9. b      10. c

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