English is an important section for CLAT Exam. You may face many type of questions based on different topics of English. Here is Sample Paper for English based on the topic One Word Substitution. You have to substitute the sentence given with the one word from the given alternatives which better expresses the meaning of the given sentence. These questions will help you to understand the topic very well.

Q1. A hater of learning and knowledge-

A)     Bibliophile

B)      Philologist

C)      Misogynist

D)     Misologist

Q2. International destruction of racial groups-

A)     Matricide

B)      Regicide

C)      Genocide

D)     Homicide

Q3. A person who is fond of fighting-

A)     Bellicose

B)      Belligerent

C)      Centripede

D)     Brunette

Q4. Government by the representatives of the people-

A)     Autocracy

B)      Democracy

C)      Socialism

D)     Diplomacy

Q5. A person who does not believe in the existence of god-

A)     Atheist

B)      Chaperon

C)      Sycophant

D)     Parasite

Q6. One who is well-versed in judging any arts-

A)     Dilettante

B)      Bohemian

C)      Connoisseur

D)     Eccentric

Q7. A room where dead bodies are kept for post-mortem-

A)     Mortuary

B)      Matinee

C)      Obituary

D)     Matin

Q8. Incapable of being read-

A)     Eligible

B)      Illegible

C)      Obsolete

D)     Obsolescent

Q9. One who fully depends on others-

A)     Parasite

B)      Novice

C)      Precipice

D)     Martyr

Q10. Easy to mould-

A)     Pliable

B)      Malleable

C)      Prone

D)     Tractable


1. d          2. c          3. a          4. b          5. a

6. c          7. a          8. b          9. a          10. b

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