We are giving here Sample paper for PU CET exam. The topic is Legal Awareness. These questions will help you in your exam.

Q1. Ordinances issued by the Governor of State in India are subject to the approval by

a.       President

b.      Chief Minister

c.       State Legislature

d.      None of the above

Q2.  Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India in appeal from High Courts in regard to civil matters pertain only to a

a.       Substantial question of law

b.      Question of Law

c.       Question of fact

d.      Mixed question of facts or law

Q3.   In India minimum number of judges to sit on the Bench which gives its advisory opinion on the reference by the President must be

a.       Seven

b.      Three

c.       One half of the total strength of judges

d.      One third of the total strength of the Court

Q4.  Independence of judiciary in India will be at stake if

a.       Judges are paid high salary

b.      Tenure of services of judges is guaranteed

c.       Selection of judges is made on merit alone

d.      Judges are chosen from among those committed to the ruling party

Q5.  Under what circumstances can a court in India issue a writ

a.       Defective procedure in case of Directive Principles of state Policy

b.      Violation of Fundamental Rights

c.       Defect in the executive function of Government

d.      None of the above

Q6.  Which of the following is otherwise called as World Court

a.       UNO (United Nations Organisation)

b.      ILO (International Labour Organisation)

c.       EU (European Union)

d.      ICJ (International Court of Justice)

Q7.  Directive Principles under Constitution are aimed at

a.       Securing political freedom

b.      Securing social and economic freedom by appropriate action

c.       Executive supremacy

d.      Judicial supremacy

Q8.  Who presides over the joint session of the both Houses of Indian Parliament?

a.       Deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha

b.      President

c.       Vice –President

d.      Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q9.  Ex-officio Chairman of the Council of State in India is

a.       President of India

b.      Speaker of Lok- Sabha

c.       Vice- President

d.      None of the above

Q10.   Who allocate portfolios among the Union Ministers in India?

a.       Chief Minister of India

b.      President on the recommendation of Prime Minister

c.       President

d.      Prime Minister

Legal Awareness Sample Paper

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