There will be five sections in your CLAT Exam. All the sections are equally important. GK is one of them and it will be of 50 marks. So you need to study hard to attempt all or maximum questions of this section. We are giving here Static GK for CLAT based on Indian History. These questions will help you in your exam so try to learn them.

Q1. Aim of the Swarajya Party was to:

A) Agitate for total freedom

B) Boycott the Congress moves

C) Enter the legislature and wreck the Government from within

D) Resort to extremism

Q2. The oldest Veda is:

A) Rig Veda

B) Sama Veda

C) Yajur Veda

D) Atharva Veda

Q3. The first battle of Panipat took place in:

A) 1526

B) 1528

C) 1626

D) 1628

Q4. Who wrote the Song ‘Sare Jahan se Achchha’?

A) Ghalib

B) Iqbal

C) Kaifee Azmi

D) Sahir Ludhianvi

Q5. Who was the founder of Brahma Samaj?

A) Raja Ram Mohan Rao

B) Arvind Ghosh

C) Vivekanand

D) Swami Dayanand Sarswati

Q6. Where is well known Dilwara Temple located?

A) Madhya Pradesh

B) Maharashtra

C) Gujarat

D) Rajasthan

Q7. The first Railway line in India was opened in the year?

A) 1833

B) 1853

C) 1857

D) 1861

Q8. Shivaji died in the year?

A) 1676

B) 1677

C) 1678

D) 1680

Q9. The first battle of Panipat took place in ?

A) 1760

B) 1761

C) 1762

D) 1763

Q10. Who among the following was the founder of the ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj’?

A) Dr. B.R Ambedkar

B) Jyotiba Phule

C) Narayan Guru

D) Ramaswamy Naicker

CLAT general Knowledge 3 

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